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[Blog] What Sets Us Apart from Other Traditional Insurers?

In the fast-paced world of digital assets, navigating the complexities can be a daunting task. Yet, we strive to meet this challenge with dedication and innovation. As a new-generation insurance company, we are committed to helping the good actors thrive with our insurance and risk management solutions.

We pride ourselves in our multi-disciplinary underwriting approach supported by our proprietary digital asset incident database. Recognizing the complexity and ever-changing nature of the digital asset industry, we draw on a broad array of disciplines like cybersecurity, operational risk, corporate governance, and risk management. This methodology allows us to underwrite and price risks more accurately, enabling us to offer comprehensive and personalized coverage to our clients.

Our strategic partnerships with market leaders in the digital asset ecosystem further enable us to develop a comprehensive understanding of various risks in the industry. By collaborating closely with leading Web3 technology providers and partners like Munich Re and Metaco, we have established a deep understanding of the technology commonly used in the digital asset space, which enables us to streamline the underwriting process for our clients. 

At the heart of our organization is our lean, diverse team. Comprising individuals from technical backgrounds and entrepreneurial mindsets, our team members are our greatest asset. Our agile and adaptive culture underscores our commitment to continuous improvement. We are quick to adapt to market changes and view every new challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow. Rather than merely keeping pace with the industry, we make a concerted effort to stay one step ahead.

As the industry matures, we strive to innovate continuously with the market, to play our part in providing the much-needed risk management and insurance solutions to Web3 players.

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