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Corporate Liability Insurance

Safeguard Your Evolving Business

As businesses mature, they face increased scrutiny from regulators, investors and consumers to pursue, establish and demonstrate sound risk management and corporate governance frameworks, among which corporate liability insurance is often considered as a mandatory requirement to protect the company and/or its senior management from financial loss arising from allegation of wrongful acts and potential breach of fiduciary duties. This type of liability insurance is often a prerequisite for certain due diligence activities (eg. investor due diligence, vendor due diligence).

Who is it for?

We provide highly customised risk management solutions to various types of businesses in the blockchain & cryptocurrency industry.

Different from the terms found in the market, OneInfinity does not exclude digital asset operations, which is essential for digital asset companies.


Wallet Service Provider

Asset Manager


What is covered?

Professional Indemnity (PI)

Loss arising from damages, defense costs and legal liability arising from a claim against the insured for alleged or wrongful act of the partners, employees, or the company arising from their professional capacity.

Directors & Officers Liability (D&O)

Loss arising from damages, defense costs and legal liability arising from investigations / claims against directors / officers concerning wrongful acts undertaken in the capacities as directors and officers of a company.

How does it work?

1 Apply Online

Fill in the preliminary assessment form here

2 We Reach Out

Our team will communicate with you for better understanding of your needs and requirements​

3 Customised Underwriting

Our experts will assess operation and technology risks of your business processes and infrastructure​

4 Customised Offer

Based on your needs and our underwriting results, we will issue a customised policy to protect your assets​