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Wallet Insurance

Secure Your Business in the Digital Asset Space

The digital asset market has experienced rapid growth in recent years, with the fast expansion of many cryptocurrency exchanges, custodians, asset managers, and wallet technology providers. While competition between centralised institutions starts to heat up, regulatory bodies in many parts of the world also have begun to exercise more scrutiny over the industry.

To address many of these issues and concerns, maintain public confidence in the blockchain & digital asset industry, and to ensure sustainable long-term development, many centralised institutions look for insurance as a means to foster best practice in risk management and a useful tool to differentiate themselves from other market players.

Who is it for?

We provide highly customised risk management solutions to various types of business in the blockchain & cryptocurrency industry.


Wallet Tech Service Provider

Asset Manager


What is covered?

Physical Damages

Physical damages resulting from natural hazards causing the loss of private keys

Employee Theft

Loss caused by deliberate and dishonest acts of employees

Theft on Premises

Theft by a third party from the location where private keys are stored

Cybersecurity Threats (available to Cyber or Crime coverage only)

Loss caused by external hacking, malware attack or computer fraud

What is not covered?

Normal Wear & Tear

Wear and tear of physical wallets due to usage and preservation

Smart Contract Risks

Loss due to cyberattacks and technological failure of smart contracts

Director & Key Management Negligence or Fraud

Loss caused by deliberate and dishonest acts of management level personnel

How does it work?

1 Apply Online

Fill in the preliminary assessment form here

2 We Reach Out

Our team will communicate with you for better understanding of your needs and requirements​

3 Underwriting

Our experts will assess operation and technology risks of your business processes and infrastructure​

4 Customise Offer

Based on your needs and our underwriting results, we will issue a customised policy to protect your assets​

Case Study

Custodian / Exchange

Wallet Tech Service Provider