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Our Company


Authorised by the Hong Kong Insurance Authority as a virtual insurer since April 2020, OneDegree has quickly established itself as the leading virtual insurer in the Hong Kong market by number of paid users. Its tech DNA gives it a competitive advantage in the digital asset space as it combines strong underwriting expertise with sophisticated data analytics and technical know-how. By partnering with Cymetrics, we can also offer advanced cybersecurity capabilities to clients. OneDegree has leveraged these unique strengths, as well as our inter-disciplinary knowledge of blockchain technology, risk management and compliance, to optimise OneInfinity for the end-to-end providers of digital asset services.

Our Mission

• We believe in the infinite opportunities that Web3 will bring us

• We believe in infinite learning

• Digital assets have already gone from 0 to 1 and will become infinite going forward

• The blockchain has infinite applications

Meet The Team

Co-Founder of OneInfinity

Chief Operating Officer of OneInfinity 

Why us?

We never stop learning

As the first and only insurance company providing digital asset insurance in Asia, we believe our dedication to learning makes us in sync with the fast-changing world, maintaining our innovative culture and keeps bringing positive impact to our clients and the industry.

We are trustworthy

Although OneDegree is a new player in the insurance industry, our team members are professional and reliable. They have background and extensive experience in the banking, insurance, or IT industries.

We have technology DNA

As one of the first virtual insurers in Hong Kong, we have digital genes. We keep up with rapidly evolving technologies and understand the risks related to the digital asset space.

We are multi-disciplinary

During the underwriting process and entire service period, we fully utilise our advantage of being multi-disciplinary, providing a customised coverage plan to protect your business.