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Wallet Insurance

Solutions for Digital Asset Exchanges and Custodian

As providers of cryptocurrency storage solutions, companies face high risks of cyberattacks, fraud, and theft. OneInfinity offers customised risk management solutions to help custodians safeguard the confidentiality, availability and integrity of private keys and backup information against various security incidents.

Digital Assets Insurance Brings Customer Confidence

Retail customers would like to rely on the robust institutional-level governance and security infrastructure for safekeeping their valuable digital assets, while insurance is one of the risk management tools that can bring customers’ confidence and differentiate value propositions against other players in the market.

Compliance Best Practice and Regulatory Demand

Increased scrutiny from regulators, investors and customers to pursue, establish and demonstrate sound risk management governance and framework. As insurance underwriting involves a robust due diligence activities over the digital asset wallet operations and corporate governance, eligibility to obtain insurance has become not only a means to endorse digital asset companies’ security and credibility, but also a prerequisite for them to continue their operations as a regulated entity in certain countries.

Our Insurance Solution

OneDegree uses a multi-disciplinary approach to evaluate risks. Our analysis is supported by our proprietary industry incident database. With in-house cybersecurity expertise, we can provide risk-based prices and customized products that suit your business the most.