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Wallet Insurance

Solutions for Wallet Tech Service Provider

Wallet tech service providers may process millions of transactions for its users every day. Due to the high volume of funds stored and high frequency of deposit/withdrawal events, wallet tech service providers may become high-value targets for attackers. OneDegree understands your mission of protecting the continuity of service over time and maintaining priceless trust from your users. Our customized insurance products and dedicated cybersecurity advisory professionals will make your job lot easier.

Customer Pain Points

Tech Company ABC provides wallet tech solutions to centralized institutions such as custodians and exchanges. It often receives requests from its customers on insurance protection, who find it troublesome getting insurance coverage themselves due to conventional insurers’ unwillingness to cover digital asset players.

Issues in Practice

Conventional insurers hesitate to take on more risks as they may not have the expertise to understand the nature of risks related to digital assets.

Our Insurance Solution

After satisfactory underwriting of Tech Company ABC’s technology, we roll out digital asset insurance to cover ABC’s clients that meet the risk management requirements. Cybersecurity consultation services are also provided to ABC by our sister company, Cymetrics. By working with us, the lengthy individual underwriting process is avoided. Such value-added to its customers sharpens ABC’s competitive advantage.